Marks and Spencer Perfumery Display

T4 design specialises in the production of glass shelving, counters, units and components for perfumery and cosmetics concessions. The company is extremely proud of its reputation within this sector and consequently, this work led to an approach by DisplayPlan UK to create, develop and manufacture glass point-of-sale and display products for Marks & Spencer's Natural Beauty range.

Initially trialed in eight key locations before being launched across the UK, this range of beauty products offered by Britain's most recognised retailer required an extensive selection of components to fulfil the order. Using Intermac glass CNC and automated paint spraying machines, large quantities of branded 8mm and 6mm sheets of low-iron satin finish glass were produced.  All of the various elements, which included glass panels, shelving and signs, were then painted, shaped and finished to the highest standard and delivered within a strict timescale in order to coincide with the national rollout of M&S's new product range.

With many years of experience behind it, t4 design is no stranger to producing glass components for the shop fitting sector, with its products specified by top brands such as Clarins, Clinique, Elizabeth Arden and Stella McCartney - to name but a few. Now, in-line with the company's philosophy for continuous investment in technology and resources, it has been able to increase its in-house production capacity. This has also allowed it to reduce leads times whilst maintain extremely high levels of quality.

Paul Gibson, Sales Director for t4 design, said, "Producing glass for shop fitting applications is one of our core specialities. When we were approached by DisplayPlan UK to supply glass for Marks & Spencer's new beauty range on such a tight timescale, we knew it would be a challenge. However, our on-site facilities and staff are set-up perfectly for dealing with such an order - and the results speak for themselves."

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