Mercedes-Benz Sparkflow

Mercedes-Benz Sparkflow

Sector: Hospitality+3
Process: Back Painted+2
Product: Low Iron

Project outline

T4 were commissioned by Mercedes Benz to provide glass for a dynamic feature signage Wall for the entrance and reception of their UK head offices in Milton Keynes.

Requirement & solution

The glass was designed to incorporate a dynamic rolling light feature to move through the panels from side to side to give movement to the design and illustrate the Spark Flow technology. The image was digitally re-worked by T4 to ensure that the light feature worked with the design, next the panels needed to be completely opaque in the black areas with absolutely not light leakage and just translucent enough in the back lit white area’s to create the best results for the lighting. With some extensive R&D and lighting tests the correct levels were achieved.


Whilst the decoration to the rear of the glass is very detailed and required multiple process’s the exposed front face of the glass is completely flat and maintenance free.


Mercedes Benz

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Processes used


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