The Redgate Brick

The Estates and Facilities Manager for Donington Park, approached t4 design to assist in finding an innovative way of presenting an important brick. Located near Derby, close to East Midlands Airport, Donington Park became a racing circuit in the 1930s and was updated in 1970 by local entrepreneur Tom Wheatcroft.

The circuit has recently been refurbished again and now hosts major events in the motor sport calendar, including rounds of the World Superbike, British Superbike, World Touring Car and British Touring Car Championships. For those who know the venue, they will have heard of the famous Redgate Lodge, situated on the outside of the track at the first bend: Redgate Corner.

Due to unfortunate, but necessary improvements to the circuit, the Lodge had to be pulled down. This was a sad time for many of the venue's regular visitors and it was felt the building needed to be remembered in a significant way.

Consequently, the team at T4 Design had a brainstorming session, where it was decided that a plaque would be manufactured out of a sheet of 19mm glass. It would have hand polished edges and holes drilled for mounting a brick that had been removed from the lodge, accompanied by the words: "A piece of history: Redgate Lodge, Donington Park 1847 - 2010", sandblasted onto the glass.

The Estates manager said: "it was a strange request with a very short lead time, but t4 design seemed to relish in the task. Not only did they hit the deadline for delivery, but we were thrilled with the quality and amount of workmanship that was undertaken for such a small piece of glass. It's a fantastic job. Lets see what they come up with to present a piece of tarmac!"

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The glass stencil is made

The mounting holes are carefully drilled

The glass mount on its way out of the toughening process

Cleaned off and prepared for the famous Redgate Brick