Spitalfields Market

Sector: Creative+2
Process: Laminated+4
Product: Low Iron

Project outline

The main criteria for the re-development of Old Spitalfields Market was to preserve at all costs the creative character and charm of the centuries old original site, but to also introduce some much needed modern design, technology and building materials to it. There was a need to disguise an electric substation and it was decided that the area should be utilised to install a feature to celebrate the rich history of Spitalfields Market and the talented writers that had lived in the area through the ages.

Requirement & solution

The design, a back lit glass cube that completely encases the substation. The cube consists of twelve individual glass panels containing historic texts from various authors and a timeline dating back to 300AD. The glass has to be durable and safe for the environment and the colour changing back lighting has to be consistent and equally bright throughout the panels whilst ensuring that all the text lines up and stands out. This has been achieved by utilising multiple processes. The glass has been toughened and laminated with clear glass on the face and a white defuser layer to the rear. The text has been back painted to the internal face and sandblasted to the outer face. Throughout the project lighting tests and sample research and development where carried out to reach the desired finish.


Although the glass is installed into a commercial and public space it is still possible to utilise decorative process’s to create a bespoke light installation that is durable and safe.


The project was commissioned by the Ballymoor Property Group.

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Processes used


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