St. Lawrence Church Architectural Glass Display

T4 design was approached by architectural glass artist Derek Hunt of Leicester-based Limelight Studios to assist in the manufacture of an amazing 35m2 glass screen for St Lawrence Church in Alton, Hampshire. The design featured a visual representation of the church's rich history, requiring the glass to be laminated in a sequence of accurately engineered panels to a series of exacting specifications.

Smaller decorative antique panels were bonded onto the face of the panels and then, to punctuate the screen at low-level, terracotta floor tiles were sourced from the local museum and used together with a large version of one of the stone capitals illustrating a wolf-like creature. In fact, the design showed so much detail, the precision of manufacture had to be extremely accurate, with the display image continuing seamlessly throughout the length of the structure. 

Once completed, everyone at t4 design agreed, that the finished display looked amazing and that it had been a great privilege to work with such a talented artist. A close-up of the antique glass and the finished bonded structure can be seen in the accompanying photos.

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Manufactured to exacting specifications

Mangnificent addition to St Lawrence Church in Alton, Hampshire

Plan Drawings

Architectural glass artist Derek Hunt of Leicester-based Limelight Studios