Processing Architectural Glass at T4

t4 design specialises in many processes at our factory based in Mansfield, and one of the many services that we pride ourselves in, is supplying glass into the Architectural Industry.  Due to our factory's capabilities, we are able to, not only supply product for the smaller architectural requirement, but also for the large mutli-site organisations. 

The images show some of the processes involved in manufacturing both infill and architectural balustrading, available in float and low iron glass options.  The images also show some t4 manufactured stair treads, that have been processed, and completed by laminating three 10mm low iron panels to conform to stair tread specifications. 

Should you wish to discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

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Raw glass before cnc processing...

Glass edgework following processing

CNC doing its thing

Cutting away the excess glass

Removing the excess piece of glass

Machining and polishing the remaining piece

Triple Laminate Stair Tread