Painted Glass & Coloured Glass

Another way in which t4 design turns glass into something that is far more than a clear sheet of material, is by back-painting. Over many years of development we have perfected a method of applying a flawless layer of paint to a sheet of glass that, when viewed from the other side, creates an impression of depth and vibrancy.

The finished product is also known as coloured glass and can be used in the manufacturer of glass shop fittings, counters, displays, signs, worktops, splashbacks, doors, screens, panels...the list is endless. After painting, we are then able to add one of our other decorative processes, such as sandblasting, etching or silvering, all of them carried out in house.

Other designs can be achieved by the use of stencils during the painting process and, by specifying toughened glass, our back-painted and coloured-glass products are suitable for commercial as well as residential applications.

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Back painted glass splashback

Painted glass samples - colour matching means almost any colour is possible

Painted glass floor treads - combined with sandblasting

Back painted glass in the kitchen

Detail and patterns are possible with careful masking