Malvern Hills Toposcope

The toposcope, one of the best-known landmarks on the Malvern Hills, has a new protective glass cover, thanks to the legacies of hills lovers and the ingenuity of a Nottingham firm - Malvern Gazette

Ray Roberts, Chairman, Malvern Hills Conservators, said There were quite a number of companies I spoke to who said it couldn't be done. The glass has to repel moisture, and stand up to extremes of temperature and to sunlight, but T4 Design seemed to relish the challenge. Thank you once again for all your professionalism, enthusiasm and help with this project. It really is very much appreciated.

The toposcope, erected to commemorate Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee, bears a metal plate showing the landscape surrounding the hills, protected by a circular glass disc. With the inscription on the top reading "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof"

But for many years, the toposcope was constantly plagued by problems of water condensing under the glass, making it difficult to read the plate.T4 design worked off the original toposcope and commissioned a special printed glass disc that will be resistant to the elements and condensation.

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Malvern Hills Toposcope - Quite a view

Visitors enjoying the refitted Malvern Hills Toposcope