Hazeley Academy Public Arts Glass Installation

Since 1998, t4 design has worked on a number of high profile artistic commissions with a number of talented artists. One such artist is Carole Waller, with whom t4 design had previously carried out a number of projects and therefore the production team relished the opportunity of manufacturing a bespoke specialist glass architectural installation for the Hazeley Academy courtyard.

Colour Light Texture – as it was named - was a Public Arts project funded by Milton Keynes Council, which came to fruition following a year of working with students and staff. The project started with discussions as to how artists and architects work within their respective areas of interest before Carole Waller – working with a team of students and staff from the Hazeley Academy - established a brief to encompass movement and energy expressed through colour, speed, rhythm, light and pattern.
Initially, the students were asked to capture video footage of their journey from home to school and to use that footage to make a film. This was in turn used to generate images and ideas for the design of the glass installation that was to be located just outside the Academy's main entrance. To view the film that inspired the design, please click here.

t4 design was commissioned to provide the glass for this unique work of art that saw some of the panels suspended off the ground via thick Corten steel plinths. The structure also featured concrete benches textured with images and illumination provided by Enlightened lighting, which generated a completely different atmosphere at night.

Alongside the t4 design team, Carole worked with Julia Kashdan Brown and Matthew Hynam of Studio KAH in order to achieve the final outcome of this spectacular creation. Whilst a few images of the display are included here, it is impossible to convey the vibrancy and ambiance created by the glass panels in a two-dimensional format. As they say, you had to be there!

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Hazeley Academy Glass Installation from the entrance

Hazeley Academy Glass Installation at night

Hazeley Academy Glass Installation at night

Hazeley Academy Glass Installation fabric detail

Hazeley Academy Glass Installation

Glass artist Carole Waller