Glass Signage

When it comes to making an impression in business, the corporate sign is a very important asset. After all, it might be the first thing a customer – or potential customer – sees when they visit the premises. It can reflect the image, professionalism and feel of the company - and using glass in the construction of the sign ticks all these boxes.

Whether it's located at an entranceway, in a reception area, on an office wall - or in a retail environment – t4 design is able to manufacture a high quality glass sign that will draw attention and leave an impression. We can call on our wealth of experience and will work with our customers to make sure they get the right type of sign to suit the application, manufactured to a quality that will surpass expectations.

Using clear or tinted glass, our wide range of processing and manufacturing techniques: laminating, interlayering, sandblasting and painting, we can incorporate company logos, designs, text, images and colours. These effects can be augmented by the addition of backlighting and up-lighting.

As well as complex designs, our highly efficient production facilities also allow us to produce simple format glass signs that can be mass produced in relatively high numbers. Added to this, we can cut each sign to shape and supply it pre-drilled and pre-prepared so that it's ready for installation.
Put simply, our in-house, state of the art, production facilities, means that in every case you'll get a sign of the times.

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