5mm Low Iron NOW in stock....

Due to demand from our customers and our reputation for producing high quality laminated glass; t4 are now stocking 5mm Low Iron glass.

Did you know that t4 stock a wide range of glass? Our glass stocks include 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm and 25mm, have a look at our full stock list for more details and get in touch if you have any requirement for flat glass.


  • 4mm Float
  • 5mm Float
  • 6mm Float
  • 8mm Float
  • 10mm Float
  • 12mm Float
  • 15mm Float
  • 19mm Float
  • 25mm Float

Low Iron

  • 4mm Low Iron
  • 5mm Low Iron
  • 6mm Low Iron
  • 8mm Low Iron
  • 10mm Low Iron
  • 12mm Low Iron
  • 15mm Low Iron
  • 19mm Low Iron


  • 6mm Bronze
  • 10mm Bronze
  • 6mm Grey
  • 10mm Grey
  • 6mm Green
  • 10mm Green
  • 6mm Blue
  • 10mm Blue
  • 6mm Dark Grey


  • 6mm Satin Float
  • 8mm Satin Float
  • 10mm Satin Float
  • 12mm Satin Float
  • 6mm Satin Low Iron
  • 8mm Satin Low Iron
  • 10mm Satin Low Iron

Silver (Mirror)

  • 4mm Silver
  • 6mm Silver
  • 4mm Silver Grey
  • 6mm Silver Grey
  • 4mm Silver Bronze
  • 6mm Silver Bronze
  • 6mm Silver Low Iron
  • 6mm Silver Pink
  • 6mm Silver Antique
  • 6mm Dielectric Mirror 60/40


  • 6.4mm Clear
  • 8.8mm Clear
  • 10.8mm Clear
  • 11.5mm Clear
  • 10.5mm Low Iron P5A
  • 6.4mm White (Opal)


  • 4mm Reeded
  • 4mm Rippen


  • 7mm GWPPS

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