25mm Glass Toughened - Linea Azzurra

The brief came about through KKA Architects / Bristol Sport who wanted a different type of balustrade design for a stadium that didn't impair sight lines while seated.

MJ Patch Engineering appointed  Mick Clew Consultancy who provided the Glass Connections with TM Ventham providing the Structural Steel Calculations

So gone now are the old intrusive walls and heavy steel barriers which impacted on vision across the stadium and in comes the new glass heavyweight weighing in at 62.5kg per m2 and when paired with its steel fixing provides a 3.0kN loading.

In a recent break test we achieved a particle count of 51 which compares well  to the current GGF minimum standard of 30. Click on the video link below to see how the 25mm Glass performed in the test.


See the plans for Bristol City's new 27,000 seater /  £45million Stadium 


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25mm Breaktest

Raw Cut 25mm Glass

CNC Processing 25mm Glass

25mm CNC Edgework close up

CNC processed 25mm Glass

Bristol City Ashton Gate

Bristol City Ashton Gate 25mm Glass Balustrade