Glass Balustrading

Nothing shouts quality and style quite like glass balustrading. Not only that, it is entirely fit for purpose, offering a strong, safe and unobtrusive method of protection from the edges of staircases, balconies, roof top terraces and public areas.

One of T4 Design's staple products, glass balustrading has been produced by us for many years, during which time we have been able to develop methods and designs to suit almost any application. We work closely with designers, architects and homeowners on both new-build and refurbishment project and, whether it's for an old or modern, commercial or residential property, we will create a made-to-measure glass balustrade system that compliments its application and environment.
It can be level, sloping or stepped, featuring clear, tinted, sandblasted, laminated and painted glass. Whichever style is chosen, it will add character and value to any premises.

Glass balustrades also have the effect of opening up and area, as the panels allow light to pass through them. Used externally, balustrading forms an effective windbreak, especially when used as a boundary for decking, balconies, swimming pools and roof top areas.

Because it is often used to provide a barrier, safety is paramount. So by using our in-house processing facilities, our balustrading features toughened or toughened laminated glass when appropriate, glass that complies with all British building regulations and requirements.

We are able to create rounded corners, polish the edges, shape and drill the glass to provide a perfect finish for frameless panels, whilst glass types include, float, low-iron, satin-etched and tinted glass in a range of colours. 

To provide that true touch of individuality, we can call on our extensive knowledge of glass processing to add a decorative finish to the panels, be it sandblasting, painting, laminating or interlayering. But, whichever style you choose, at t4 design there's one consistent feature that will always be built in: top quality craftsmanship.

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Strong, safe and beautiful

A mixture of techniques an be combined with stunning results

Strong, safe and beautiful

Glass Balustrading with a sandblasted finish