Glass Flooring and Treads

Depending on the environment it occupies, contemporary design can either make a dramatic statement or provide a subtle upgrade to an existing area. One such example is when glass flooring or glass stair treads are installed.

The fundamental property of glass is light transmission. This makes the most of any available natural light, or alternatively, fantastic effects can be achieved with the use of strategically placed artificial lighting.

Using our tried and tested techniques (see our range of finishes elsewhere on this website), we can add individuality and style to glass flooring and treads. This includes the use of tinted, opaque, translucent or transparent glass. Additional decoration can be created by sandblasting - a process that also gives the surface a reduced-slip finish.

For corporate applications, logos and designs can be included as part of the sandblasting process or by interlayering images between the sheets of glass during the laminating process. Our extensive in-house facilities enable us to cut, shape, polish and drill glass, to suit most applications.

Add glass balustrading to a glass floor or a staircase with glass treads and you not only have a construction that is practical and durable, you also have one that will impress for many years to come.

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