Project - Spitalfields Market

T4 design were involved in the manufacture and the evolvement of a glass product that would meet the design brief - To create a viable lightbox that would clad the electricity substation at the Spitalfields Market.

T4 originated a custom toughened laminate glass product to satisfy the design brief, this included a flashed white opal back panel that was designed to diffuse the lighting which was key to the final look of the installation.

The glass cube is made up of twelve individually CNC processed glass panels containing historic texts about the market and a timeline dating back to 300AD, all panels had to line up from panel to panel, this was achieved through various glass painting and creative sandblasting techniques that lead to the visually stunning light box that can be seen in all it's glory in the historic Spitalfields Market.

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Spitalfields Market

Spitalfields Glass Cladding

Spitalfields Lightbox

Spitalfields historic text

Spitalfields time line dating back to 300AD

Spitalfields historic text and timeline

A view through to the Spitalfields Lightbox