Glass Splashbacks

Colourful, vibrant and practical; t4 design's glass splashbacks bring light and style to any kitchen, bathroom or office. They provide a stunning, hygienic and fashionable alternative to traditional wall tiles and are available in any colour, shape and size.

Our glass splashbacks are made from 6mm toughened (unless specified otherwise), heat-resistant, low-iron content safety glass that conforms to BS EN 12150. They also feature polished edges to ensure optimum clarity, light reflection and colour matching.

Each splashback is produced - from start-to-finish - in our Mansfield-based manufacturing facility that houses the equipment and expertise to cut and shape each product for a perfect fit and to suit individual installations. This includes the addition of holes for sockets, switches and fittings.

  • The colour and design of a splashback is the customer's choice and we can create the desired visual effect via various methods:
  • Back-painting: using our unique in-house colouring system and, to keep the colours vibrant for longer, we use paint that contains colour-fast pigments
  • Digitally printed interlayer: the lamination of a digital image or photograph between two sheets of glass
  • Fabric interlayer: where a chosen piece of fabric is encapsulated between the glass sheets

Whatever option you chose, you can rest assured that your splashback will be manufactured to the highest standard and, just like our other laminated glass products, the absence of grouting lines means they are easy to clean and more hygienic than tiled alternatives.

Why not give a vanilla splashback some real flavour.

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