Glass Canopies

Glass canopies do something that canopies made from other materials can't do and that's allow daylight to pass through to illuminate the area below. Whether a commercial or residential property, they add a modern twist to the look of the building and are easy to maintain.

T4 design has previously manufactured a wide range of glass canopies for a variety of applications, such as: entranceways, porches, shelters, garden verandas, walkways and even smoking areas outside of pubs and public buildings. Less intrusive and less expensive than a conservatory, a glass canopy that extends into a garden can provide just as much protection from the weather, while not suffer the same temperature retention issues in the summer.

Working with architects, designers and property owners, we will supply canopy glass that is fit for purpose and to customer specifications, whilst ensuring that it complies with the relevant building and – in some cases – planning regulations. the glass can be supplied tinted, sandblasted, painted, or interlayered with a specific logo or image.

To enable the glass panels to be fixed to the frame or supporting architecture, we are able to cut, shape, and drill the glass panels to exacting standards. This ensures that, when it comes to assembly, they can be readily installed exactly as the designer had intended.

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Glass Canopy in Nottingham

Glass Canopy in Nottingham

Canopy in Newton Abbott