Digitally Printed Interlayer

Extensive development, refinement of processes and attention to detail at t4 design means that we have perfected the art of glass lamination. Consequently, we can take a digitally printed image, be it a photograph, poster, illustration, artwork, painting, map, chart or design and encapsulate it between multiple sheets of glass.

The glass interlay process not only enhances the printed image, but increases its visibility and will provide a focal point wherever it's positioned, whether used in a domestic or commercial environment. This is particularly significant when the digitally printed interlayer takes the form of a company logo.

By using toughened glass that conforms to BS EN 12150 specification, the interlayered glass panels can be used for a multitude of applications, such as: signs, balustrades, glass floors, stair treads, windows, partitions, splashbacks, display panels and even water features. Added to this, our in house processes include polishing and shaping edges and corners, which means that the interlayered glass panels can be used for 'open edge' applications.

Another advantage of interlayering digitally printed images between sheets of glass is on-going maintenance – or the lack of it. Once the panels have been installed, the perfectly smooth glass surface is easy to clean and, by using glass that filters UV rays, the colours of the image will stay true to the original and remain vibrant for a long time to come.
The inherent durability of the finished, laminated glass panels, coupled with the protection they offer the digital interlayer, also means they are ideal for external use and therefore, can be incorporated into a range of architectural glass applications, such as entry doors, roofs and overhead canopies. They can also be used to reduce noise and assist with thermal control.
Whatever the design or application, our digitally printed interlayer products are guaranteed to impress.

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Amazing detail can be produced suitable for a wide range of applications

DPI used in art installations

DPI used in art installations

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