Coloured Film Laminates

Traditionally, glass is only available in a handful of colours – and then it's the same right across the sheet. Here, at t4 design, we like to take a different approach to an established theme and consequently, we have established a way of producing glass in any chosen translucent colour, or range of colours.

We achieve this by using a high quality coloured film that is carefully laminated between two sheets of glass that are permanently bonded together. Coloured film laminated glass can be used for glass partitions, doors, screens, stair treads, balustrades and display panels.

The finished result will transform the appearance and ambiance of any area and turn it into a vibrant and exciting environment that's awash with colour. One such example is at Nottingham Trent University, where t4 design supplied colour film laminated glass and back-painted glass panels to create an amazing patchwork of colour and texture within the atrium.

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Fiml can be combined with mesh and other processes

A wide range of colours and finishes can be achieved

A wide range of colours and finishes can be achieved