Shop Fitting

Our extensive range of in-house processes and the innovative way in which we perform them has led us perfectly into the manufacture of high quality glass shop fittings. Sometimes intricate, sometimes clinically fresh, sometimes inspirational, we are proud of our reputation within the retail sector, in particular the world of beauty and cosmetics, where we believe we can make good looking products look even better!

Glass shelving, glass panels, glass counters and glass displays are all included in our range of shop fittings, with prestigious brands such as Clarins, Dolce & Gabbana, Guerlain and Gucci choosing us as their supplier of perfumery displays in many of their key outlets.

t4 design fully understands how important it is to ensure that each client's corporate style and corporate identity is reflected in the finished item. Consequently, we work closely with designers and specifiers to create the look and feel that makes each brand distinctive in its own right. We also acknowledge that a design that symbolises a brand is a precious commodity and therefore, we always honour our customers' confidentiality and integrity.

We offer a range of glass products that are made to exacting standards and specifications in order to meet industry guidelines, safety standards and the quality demands of the customer. This is where our knowledge of the industry, technical abilities and understanding of what our clients want, comes to the fore.

Each item can be personalised by adding logos, text or images, via one of our many finishing processes: back-painting, sandblasting, interlaying, laminating and silvering, using clear, coloured, tinted or smoked glass. Each piece is then expertly finished, cut, shaped and drilled, the edges are polished and – if required – the corners are rounded, in readiness for installation and assembly.

T4 Design specially produces a number of glass products specifically for shop fitting including glass shelves, back painted glass, coloured glass, toughened counter top glass, silvered and toughened glass mirrors.

And, because we know that retail is a fast-moving industry, our bespoke production planning system allows us to offer dedicated control on production time scales in order to meet customer deadlines.

You can see the fruits of our work in the accompanying images, or alternatively, take a closer look at the counters and displays the next time you visit a well-known department store.

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