Sandblasting and Etching

Sandblasted glass – or etched glass, as it is more often known – has the ability to create a unique ambience in the area it occupies. Sophisticated, elegant, fashionable and functional, when combined with transient light the effect can be amazing!

At t4 design, we pride ourselves on our sandblasting process, drawing on experience and methods that have been fine-tuned over many years of production. Utilising computer aided design, combined with traditional hand-cut methods, our skilled team are able to create detailed templates that allow a representation of almost any image to be reproduced onto a sheet of glass.

Sandblasting glass is the modern equivalent of acid etching and, to this day, remains a popular and versatile method of producing decorative glass for use in a variety of applications, including: door panels, windows, privacy screens and balustrades - or as an attractive focal point - be it in a classic-retro or a modern contemporary style. Ideal for use in commercial premises', private properties or public areas, sandblasted glass panels provide a customised look, whilst allowing natural daylight to flow through to create different degrees of visibility and images of varying tones to be projected onto nearby surfaces.

Available in an array of finishes and, with the option of using tinted glass, consequently the right feel can be created to suit the location of the installation. Added to this, a range of textures can be created by using techniques such as shading and deep carving.

Sandblasted glass panels are also suitable for wet areas, for items such as frameless shower and bath screens, doors, cubicles and floors – where sandblasting is necessary to create a non-slip surface. We are also able apply an hygienic anti-grime treatment that reduces the frequency of cleaning and recommend the application of Ritec Clearshield to make the sandblasted areas easier to maintain.
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