Patchings Well

t4 design was approached by Chas and Liz Wood, the proprietors of Patchings Art Centre - based in Calverton, Nottinghamshire - to assist in the renovation of a 19th century well that had been discovered whilst carrying out ground works during 2012.

The renovation process began at ground level, with the well rebuilt using reclaimed bricks supplied by a local restoration specialist. During the renovation t4 design director Gary Jones – utilising his connections with Patchings – came up with an idea to establish a collaboration between the members of the art centre and his glass processing company, to coincide with Patchings' 25th anniversary.

The project began with Chas and Liz asking the members of Patchings Art Club to be part of the anniversary project. This would involve each of them painting a section of what was to become the finished artwork which, at that time, they were unaware of what it was for and how it would be used. The next step saw t4 design take the finished piece of art and turn it into something that would withstand the effects of the elements and immortalise it into a visually stunning panel located near the bottom of the well.

To achieve the desired effect, t4 design recreated the artwork and then painted and laminated the image between two sheets of glass, before the finished item was cut and shaped to fit perfectly into its well-intended location. At the same time, t4 design created an identical balustrade panel that would be installed next to the well, together with a toughened clear glass top cap that would allow visitors to view the artwork safely.
It wasn't until the official unveiling ceremony in August 2013, when the reconstruction had been completed and the glass panels were in place, that the Patchings Art Club members finally saw the results of their work. Needless to say, they were delighted.
The glass encapsulated design now magically illuminates each time a donation is made, with the money raised supporting Macmillan nurses and the well restoration project itself.

As you can see from the photographs accompanying this case study, the glass artwork has transformed the Patchings well into something very special indeed and is a project the art club members and staff at t4 design are very proud to have been part of.  It also provides an attractive and must-see addition that visitors to the centre can admire for many years to come.

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Visitors enjoy the new well at Patchings Art Centre

Looking down the well at Patchings Art Centre

The plan layout used to create the glasswork

Mountings and detail