Textured Glass


Textured Glass can be Ribbed, Reeded or otherwise Patterned. The glass is imprinted with a pattern or texture at high temperatures while still in its molten state.

Adding texture to a glass panels provides a level of obscurity, making it perfect for areas that require privacy, such as partitioning. Textured glass can also be laminated to meet safety regulations, or to incorporate colour.

Textured glass is suitable for a wide range of applications including flooring, stair treads, balustrade and partitioning.

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Features and Benefits

Premium appearance

The unique appearance of textured glass creates a classic, high end finish.

Added privacy

Textured glass is an intrinsic level of obscurity.

Bespoke design

All glass can be manufactured to our client’s exact specification, including decorative art pieces.

Precise manufacturing

Thanks to our CNC cutting techniques, our glass is cut with complete precision.

Durable finish

Easy to clean and maintain.

Combine with other processes

For an extra effect, textured glass panels can be used alongside other processes, such as lamination.

Our Approach

Design Specification Manufacture Logistics

We start by understanding your brief, making sure we’ve interpreted what you want to achieve. Through research and development, we then produce a sample so you can visualise the finished piece.

Once we’ve agreed on the design, our experienced team take a closer look at your designs, checking the specification is deliverable based on the tolerances of the glass you choose.

Drawing from over 20 years of experience in a range of techniques, we bring your designs to life with technical expertise and industry-leading machinery.

Once your glass has been made to your specification, we take care of the logistics, making sure you receive your order on time, in the UK and abroad.

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